Memory Care

Outstanding Memory Care Crafted for Comfort

When a loved one faces Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can be challenging for the entire family. However, memory loss doesn’t have to equate to losing a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Leisure Manor’s Memory Care program is meticulously designed to foster overall well-being while offering comprehensive support for navigating daily life within a comforting environment. Our intimate community offers residents a familiar setting where they can uphold a sense of security and dignity. We collaborate closely with physicians and caregivers chosen by you, employing trusted assessment methods and cutting-edge programming to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Together with our residents and their families, we prioritize elements that bring them comfort, tranquility, and fulfillment.

Memory Care Programs and Support

Leisure Manor presents an array of amenities, services, and thoughtfully curated activities aimed at enriching the lives of our residents. Ensuring safety and security in mind, body, and spirit remains paramount to us. Our grounds boast level pathways, designed for easy navigation and enveloped by nature to offer unparalleled comfort. Whatever your loved one requires, we are dedicated to delivering it through thorough assessments, personalized care plans, and a nurturing community atmosphere filled with care and compassion.

Top-of-the-line Amenities

Each day, our residents savor delectable homemade meals, engage in enriching activities, and relish comfortable accommodations amidst natural surroundings.

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Manor Photos

Explore our photo gallery for an insider’s glimpse into our residents’ living spaces. Feel free to arrange an in-person visit at your convenience!

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All the Assistance You Need

At Leisure Manor, we don’t offer our assisted living services on an à la carte basis. Your rate will cover everything you require, ensuring your budget remains consistent month after month. As a resident of Leisure Manor, you’ll have access to all the services you deserve without any additional premiums to worry about. We take the initiative to understand each potential resident individually, crafting an all-inclusive care plan tailored to their needs without imposing financial strain on their families.