We’re here to ensure the safety, well-being, and happiness of your loved one.

Leisure Manor stands out as the ideal assisted living residence for seniors seeking supportive care.

Compassionate Residential Assisted Living in Richmond, MI

Our Mission

At Leisure Manor, our mission is to ensure that every resident in our assisted living community in Richmond, MI embarks on a new journey in life with all they need. Our dedicated staff members prioritize building genuine, personal connections with each member of our Leisure Manor family. Here, familiarity goes beyond names; it extends to knowing their preferences, grandchildren’s names, and much more.

After years of dedicated care for their families and homes, our seniors deserve the same level of care and attention. Let us provide your loved one with the opportunity to embrace a leisurely lifestyle with us.

Hear What Our Senior
Living Community Is Saying

“My mom is having great experience here (2 years). The staff are super friendly and caring and she says the food is just like home. When I visit, they are professional, attentive, and seem to all have a calling to do this work. I’m impressed.”
Pamela Robertson
“Leisure Manor is a wonderful senior living community that offers exceptional compassionate care! I have been doing senior living placement for over 8 years and the owners are very involved in the care of their residents! I would highly recommend Leisure Manor for your loved one!”
Marianne Engstrom
“The staff here are very accommodating and treat you like their family. This facility is clean, updated, and in a quiet part of town. It’s just down the street from the cute downtown Richmond area, too!”
Michael Campo

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What Leisure Manor provides to our Residents

Our community offers seniors a sense of belonging in a tranquil neighborhood setting enveloped by lush greenery. With a limit of just 20 residents, we guarantee each individual a fully furnished ground-floor bedroom complete with a private bathroom and access to a secure patio. Our residents cherish the serene natural surroundings, accessible through safe, paved pathways. Whether observing the wildlife in the nearby woods or strolling through the manicured flower gardens, Leisure Manor offers a rejuvenating environment for all.

Shared facilities include a spacious and inviting communal area, a dining room for communal meals, and comprehensive security, safety, and accessibility features. In addition to assisting with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and personal care, we offer structured enrichment activities. Whatever your loved one requires to feel engaged, fulfilled, and connected, we are committed to providing it while respecting their dignity and independence.